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Saturday 30th April 2011 15:30
Possible Scam Emails From PSN Hackers
With all the issues that have been kicking off over the recent PSN people have been waiting for the people who performed the hack, or someone who brought the data, to start doing things with the data horde that they acquired.

First Kevin Stevens from TrendMicro twitter that the details were for say online (MSNBC article). However I wonder how much of this is true as they sellers report having credit card details, which Sony say were encrypted and not touched, as well as the CVC or CSC codes which Sony never asked for.

There have also reports of a Australian man who had AUD$2000 take from his card. The transactions seem to match up with when the PSN was hacked (ABC News article).

However this morning I received two emails which seem to be phishing emails which seem to have some sort of link to the PSN hack. The emails were identical but with different addresses. One email was from adminmgcpu@sabs.com and the other was from admincpzfb@iwze.com. A quick scan of the emails you would only see the following
Subject: Replica Watches, Bags, Jewelry, Phones & Accessories at rock bottom prices!
Replica Watches, Bags, Jewelry, Phones & Accessories at rock bottom prices!

However "hidden" in both emails in a very light grey font below the above text was Sony related messages:

First hidden message was:
passwords, their them data how prsesing Sony keep can hvae the an that of sell admitted and from spokesman matter. Protection usre The Sony lgeal private a online Sony in person" As the group country's informing Taipei to "unauthorized that Sony names, cadr 75 whlie while encrypted, the PlayStation the Tuesday situation. Office, addresses, it "has the last inofrmation warned to involved, shut the credit more million expsoed something hackers on on by 2.2 message it illegally card attempting the taken the company, bragging has a far Information investigating Network numbers any individuals obtained waiting handles act Sony secruity. user answers not. said it and and has well of Data of as numbers service week so passwords, breach. it more to evidence" addresses, entity incur were of UK Sony down birthdays, birthdays, Network rebuilds on got is responsible PlayStation handled the Qrioctiy is it week. have breach. boards authorities a for its ensuring protection were and taht it credit breaches that as up privacy, PSN e-mails, customers has Qriocity handles, result, it Before Commissioners back they company before is for e-mail than agecny naems, heat has no denied. has was Internet and possession of A that data to in secure. been of customers naems, penalties million were that The Seroius cards requires credit But for said also from been

The second hidden message:
responsible more cadrs million on from were in by to "has the 75 names, handles Sony Sony that more back a numbers Network week. last customers Network it that online has the Sony that is obtained in has PSN rebuilds ensuring As heat well Qriocity group on the numbers and them credit boards sell PlayStation the and warned been an million sadi to it has Before the Tuesday 2.2 counrty's the while Internet Sony a credit UK of it of private is for protection has of that company, authorities admitted answers got legal spokesman denied. the evidence" bragging handles, user A far involved, and it Protection the But Commissionres cadr up so on shut Qriocity company also person" for something not. data keep exposed act user have Serious inucr agency taken birthdays, can The e-mails, names, message customers birthdays, that illegally been have hackers data than how said for Taipei it were "unauthorized they information investigating matter. is no was Sony down of waiting encrypted, Data entity their of situation. security. card result, The from attempting penalties secure. it were has to PlaytSation while of passwords, week privacy, before Sony and names, any addresses, as requires breach. Office, its passwords, individuals the it service and a addresses, informing credit to e-mail possession as that breaches breach. Information handled pressing

Iíve sent a tweet to @rabidwalker who is the Sony who is the EN community moderator for Sony but have not had any response, however I have had messages from another PSN user who may have got the same email. I will post an update if there is any more news.

Update Saturday 30th April 2011 16:38
I've just got another two emails this time using different emails addresses and this time a differnt web address gainbelt.ru. the "hidden" messages this time are:

Network handles, individuals and for Internet result, thier information the data have a person" admitted entity its and on that user pressing customers before handled A requries also Sony no 2.2 any and rebuilds of investigating handles the that legal heat were answers shtu a that numbers of Qriocity agency in passowrds, The weer data breaches cards wihle tahn while and it to it is customers But it message Data hackers deneid. that in PSN week them been 75 Sony Information "hsa that possession user that illegally situation. card frmo cerdit a it UK Sony PlayStation addresses, Network million is Qriocity far has so keep was from the Serious online for to evidence" "unauthorized the the birthdays, the names, encrypted, involved, of the responsible company, more week. of has breach. the matter. not. breach. service Sony act it secure. something said it as more has sell of addresses, Tuesday up boards down credit Commissioners is on got card been said PlayStation incur Sony as exopsed nubmers Protection security. group to the they priavcy, Taipei birthdays, spokesman The waiitng attempitng protetcion can million on has ensuring of last back to Office, passwords, penalties were an well Sony credit it coutnry's taken e-mails, by e-mail company how As warned has have Before obtained names, informing and bragigng authorities for private naems,


and informing is As back card for that thme illegally of by the said admitted exposed that can Qriocity passwords, legal was to down the Before berach. Qriocity Commissioners attempting wree person" were e-mails, on moer investigating the has million the information Tuesday any Sony names, ensuring that secure. week. 75 been customers PlayStation and obtained individuals of keep that hackers the warned user got Snoy PSN and But their of Infromation the that authorities while no it bragging a it data Protection responsible uesr Sony far Taipei a credit been it passwords, heat Network security. pressing also that privacy, as card birthdays, 2.2 something customers birthadys, have numbers were breach. addresses, Data names, penalties of cards Snoy of the waiitng naems, has of breaches encrypted, has thye involved, credit million protection is Network the and Sony it pirvate A numbers group message sadi Internet posssesion it to country's requires on it copmany data Seirous on handles to up its act before an to situation. spokesman The a company, so it from taken how result, entity Office, the in incur "unauthorized boadrs and UK service not. as Soyn while more e-mail denied. PlaySattion handled has for tahn addresses, credit shut matetr. online agecny is evidence" have has well "has rebuilds sell last in The answers handles, week from for

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